This page is not meant to be an exhaustive photographic account of the prayer ropes I make. It's meant simply to show the kind of work that I do. My prayer ropes are in a state of constant evolution and refinement, and so the photographs you see here may not necessarily reflect the exact look of my prayer ropes at the moment. But they do give you a close approximation. Enjoy!

Gold Russian Style 100 knots

Coptic Mequtaria

Russian Style 100 knot

Romanian Style 100 knot with barrel knot dividers
Detail of barrel knots on Romanian Style rope
Greek Style 100 knot

Greek Style 100 knot
Russian Style 33 knot

Russian Style 100 knot based off of Archimandrite Lev Gillett's description of a Russian Style rope

Russian Style 100 knot

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  1. Phillip — These photos are beautiful and really highlight your work. Since I own several of your ropes, I know that they are even more incredible than the photos can show.