Over the years that I've been making prayer ropes and rosaries I have received a great deal of overwhelmingly positive feedback. I wanted to share this feedback here in order to say "thank you" to everyone who has supported these little efforts to spread devotion to Christ and His Mother. Most of what you'll see here were comments made on public forums such as the Catholic Answers forums and the Byzcath forums. I also have a backlog of emails with similar responses of enthusiasm, but alas time does not currently permit me to sift through everything. Enjoy!

The prayer rope arrived in yesterday's mail. You outdid yourself, my friend - it's stunning! I'm sure it will prompt a few orders from Long Island ... My sincere thanks, dear brother, and you and your family remain always in my thoughts and prayers.
Yours in Christ,

The prayer rope came a couple of days ago, and it's exactly what I was hoping for!  Thank you so much!

This rosary is awesome, Phillip!  It looks great.  Thank you very much.
Peace to you and yours during these Resurrection days,

The prayer rope is truly beautiful. I have had many, from monastery/convents, Russian/Greeks, etc... I've given them away freely to those who knew nothing about the Jesus prayer. but truly yours is a work of art, and my prayers for your continued ministry. Thanks again! I will definitely make referrals to you.
In Christ,

Dear Phillip,
The Lord is Risen!  Alleluia!
I will share the beauty of the Rosary with my acquaintances, and have already shared it with a priest friend who will probably be in touch with you for a similar rosary of the Panagia’s tears.  I also will be in touch in the near future for some other rosaries (5 decade and the Seven Sorrows) styled as the prayer ropes.  In the meantime, know of my prayers for your family with every rosary, and my thanks to God and the Panagia for your talents.
 With my priestly blessing+
Fr. Brian

I received the chotki and it is beautiful!  I love it!
God bless,
Fr. Heintz

Dear Phillip,
I received your prayer ropes today - just amazingly beautiful! The black prayer rope is something that one wants to take to bed with oneself . . . I'll have to see about that . . . As for the Theotokos Tears . . . AMAZING!!!  You are the Beadmaster extraordinaire!  Words fail me!  Incredibly beautiful and made for the human hand to carry always . . .You have a REAL gift my friend.  You will get the West praying again!

Folks - I have two Lestovki and two prayer ropes (not to mention two smaller ones) created by Phillip Rolfes, Esq. They are all exquisite and make you want to hold them in your hands and pray with them. So I can't recommend his work highly enough. To bead or not to bead - when it comes to Phillip, there is no question . . .

The Master does it again!
I just received my latest order from Master Rolfes, an Ethiopian style Mequteria prayer rope that is incredible!!! He also sent me a couple of examples of an Ethiopian mequteria designed for use with seven, 12, 41 and 64 groupings - which are the main groupings used in saying the Ethiopian rosary. I didn't understand what this was about at first until I counted the beads and realized that that Genius, Mr. Rolfes had just created something very special. His work is very beautiful and, once again, his prayer rope just glides through your fingers. I choose one of his prayer ropes (don't want the others to feel "left out") and then carry it with me all day. "Praying always" is easy with "Rolfes Ropes." Seriously though, he has a special Gift and just like we honour iconographers for how they bring people closer to God through their work, so too is the Master Beadsman deserving of honour for how his prayer ropes and rosaries bring us closer to God as well!


It is dogma that Catholics should only order rosaries from The Master Beadsman, Phillip Rolfes.

The Master Beadsman, Phillip Rolfes, has struck again! This time his target is in the West, lobbing a beautifully hand-crafted, five decade, Dominican rosary in the "Russian style" firmly into Roman territory. Not to be outdone, and in a gesture of Christian unity, generosity, and true agape love, all of which characterize the Master Beadsman, a pair of eastern prayer bracelets made their way inbound as well, and we welcome these with open arms... er... wrists!
I can assure everyone, that this rosary will be consecrated to Our Lady very shortly. In the small hours of the morning, this very night, while the rest of the world sleeps, in the sacramental presence of our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ, I will hold this rosary in my hands and whisper into the ear of the second greatest love of my life, "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee..." 

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