Saturday, April 28, 2012

Prayer Rope Bracelets.

These are just a couple of 33 knot prayer rope bracelets that I made as an experiment. I gave them as a gift to a friend and customer of mine. The blue one is made of rayon, and the gold one is made of nylon-satin.


  1. Pictures do not due justice to how truly beautiful the work of the Master Beadsman is. I wear this exact blue prayer bracelet when I altar serve on Saturdays which are optional memorials to the Blessed Virgin in the Latin Church. I do notice that the mine no longer has that vibrant color and wonder if they can be laundered or otherwise washed?


  2. Tim,

    Although it is possible to put this through the washing machine, I recommend hand washing them in the bathroom sink with a little laundry detergent, especially since yours has the wooden beads. Then if you just let it air dry for a few hours it should be good to go.