Friday, June 8, 2012

The "Decima Rosary" Cross

A friend and faithful customer of mine - indeed one of my greatest supporters in this little ministry - took notice of the "Car Cross" that I had made and sent me a special request. The request was that I make a "Decima" Car Cross. This Cross has exactly 10 knots in it so that one can pray a decade of the rosary (or Prayer Rule of the Theotokos for that matter). In the photographs you'll see that I included a bead at the center of the Cross. This would be the "Our Father" bead. I don't believe it's actually necessary for the Decima rosary Cross, but I thought it'd be a nice touch.


  1. Thank you, Anam. I just discovered this morning that there's a skete on Mt. Athos that makes a cross very similar to this, only larger. It is called a "baptismal Cross" and runs about 12" in length. I haven't found a good picture of one, though, otherwise I'd share. :)

    ICXC + NIKA,