Friday, January 25, 2013

Prayer Ropes for Sale!!!

Hi Everyone,

I have a number of prayer ropes that are available for purchase and immediate shipment. NO WAITLIST!!! Normally I'm backed up with a couple months' worth of orders, so this is a little unusual for me. So if anyone's looking for a good prayer rope (albeit in some unusual colors), look no further. :)

I've also got a couple of black Coptic/Ethiopian Mequtaria immediately available as well. Here are some picture of those. The larger one is 64 knots (I think), and the smaller is 40 knots (I think).

If/when any of these ropes sell I will immediately indicate them as sold directly below the photograph. If you like a specific style/color/bead combo but the rope you like has sold, simply send me an email and I can make another one for you. :) Peace and blessings to you all. May heaven consume us.

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