Sunday, July 8, 2012

Some New Rope Orders!!!

Today has been a busy day for new posts. I've already put up a number of videos, and now I'm adding some photographs of a couple of new ropes I've made for some folks. Both ropes are in the Russian style. One is a 33 knot rope and the other is a 50 knot rope. The 33 knot rope was originally intended to be a 50 knot rope, but I hadn't cut enough material so it became a 33 knot rope. :) You'll notice that the 33 knot rope is divided every 11 knots instead of every 10. This is done so that there will actually be 33 knots not including the beads in the traditional Russian style. You'll also notice that I have "spacers" before the beads. This really serves no practical purpose, but is primarily decoration. Enjoy!

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