Friday, May 4, 2012

Coming Up Next!!!

Hi Folks,

I just want to let you all know what's in the works here at "The Beadsman's Shoppe." I've been working on a group of Russian style prayer ropes that are simply awaiting tassels. Although for the majority of them I've used the more common division of decades, on a couple of them I tried something new. There are four groups of smaller knots numbered 12, 33, 40, and 17. Each group is separated by a bead, except the group of 17, which is separated by two beads. The four divisions represent the four major parts of the Divine Office: Vespers, Matins, Compline, and the Typica. I found this enumeration in a footnote in Fr. Lev Gillet's (aka "A Monk of the Eastern Church) book The Jesus Prayer. I will explain the setup later when I post some pictures. :)

Once I get these Russian style prayer ropes finished, I plan on making some Coptic/Ethiopian Mequtarias and posting the prayers most commonly said on the Mequtaria, along with any other information I can dig up.

Various prayer rules and my thoughts on prayer rules (for what my thoughts are worth) will also be posted. Particularly I need to post the Prayer Rule of St. Pachomius, which is probably the most well-known prayer rule using the Jesus Prayer. I also plan on post the complete "Prayer Rule of the Theotokos" along with advise on prayer rules from the saints.

Finally I'm attempting to learn a new knot that I'm hoping will enable me to add a new look to some of my ropes.

So stayed tuned, there's stuff in the works here and it will be posted in the next few weeks. :)

Phillip (The Master Beadsman)

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