Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Photos and Coming Up Next

This past weekend we celebrated my son's initiation into the Church. His Godfather was kind enough to take some professional quality pictures of the prayer ropes that I make. I've already added some of those photos to the side bar here, but I'll be posting more as featured posts in the coming days. Please have a look at the photos on the side bar, and come back to view even more photos as the days go on.

Also, a friend of mine asked if I could make knotted Crosses to hang on the rearview mirror of a car. I'd forgotten about this tradition among Eastern Christians since I find hanging stuff on rearview mirrors to be rather distracting, but I'm glad that he reminded me. I know that the monks of Mt. Athos make such Crosses. So I'm working on that right now in order to finalize my design. I'll be posting pictures once I've come up with something I'm satisfied with. :)


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